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I'm trying to get Google to auto-complete "Rob Glenn is Awesome" when you type "Rob Glenn" into the search box so if you click this link below that searchs Google for "Rob Glenn is Awesome" it would really help me out.

Rob Glenn is Awesome

The FAQ 

Q. How and what should I send you?
A. We want any of the funny crap you get send to you, plus we really love pictures that you take of weird or funny stuff. Also we love to get originally stories/observations. Just send the stuff to:

Q. What's with the new look?
A. I wanted to go with a blog setup so posting would be easier and scheduled. Also I was bored with the old look.

Q. Why do I need to register?
A. You don't, unless you want to leave comments. The reason that only registered users can comment is, well, anonymous commenters can be a little rude. If you are rude in the comments you're account will be banned... and we'll probably delete the ability to comment if it gets bad.

Q. Background images are stupid, don't you know that?
A. Really, I think they look pretty cool on bacon... and I don't like your tone.

Q. What's your privacy policy?
A. We won't sell your email address to anyone. That's it, we don't do it. In fact the only time we even save an email address is when you submit something that we post, and that's just for us to let you know something you sent got posted. We don't keep track of any personal info, we track visitors, but just to keep a running total of unique visitors and page views. All of the data is abstract and can't be tied to an individual.

Q. Can I link to
A. You bet your ass you can.

Q. Is this your full time job or is it just a hobby?
A. It used to be... but now I have a regular old full time job.

Q. I sent you some good/funny/cool stuff... where is it?
A. We get a lot of mail. If we already have the thing we just delete the email, sometimes we'll add a link to it on the right column of the home page. Some stuff we just don't think is funny, so we don't post it. Some stuff is obviously stolen from some other site, sometimes we post it with a link, but sometimes we don't. If you're just looking to get even with someone, well, we're not interested.

Q. Where are you located?
A. College Park, Maryland... just outside of Washington DC. Go Terps.

Q. Is for sale?
A. Everything is for sale if the price is right.

Q. What's better Ketchup or Catsup?
A. Ketchup.